By no means am I a parenting expert. And as such please remember this is MY view. You may or may not share it.

My 15 year old was recently invited to a large class party. The rules on the invitation stated: NO drugs, NO alcohol, NO smoking and NO phones.

I don’t even want to talk about the first 3.

If my child is at this party, is uncomfortable I want them to call me! I have a policy with my kids call me, I’ll collect you, use me as an excuse, I’ll bail you out from situations you are uncomfortable in, I’ll even fake a mummy fit if you need one. If you’ve made a bad choice or the situation is going badly, text me I’ll be your ticket out.

The “no phones” rule is supposed to prevent inappropriate material being posted on social media; but wait, what are those other rules for?!

What do others think?

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