What can you do today to make it easier?

It’s not always easy to maintain balance.

We all need to schedule time out, away from routine, stressors and challenges.

We all need to take time, rest and replenish.

Self-care is really important.

Making sure you get enough rest, exercise, that you are eating well, maintaining relationships; it’s all a bit challenging.

What are some of the things you do to ensure you have some balance?

Tonight, I am having dinner with some friends.

We are planning our next trip and I always try and make sure I get enough sleep.

I try and drink water.

I eat well.

I’m not so good at making time to exercise.

The way we think about stress and pressures also impacts us.

If we accept that our stress response is our body preparing us to meet challenges, getting ready to respond, that is natural and normal, and stop seeing it as a negative, as so damaging, perhaps then we are not so negatively impacted?

How are you creating balance today?

What plans do you have to replenish and ground yourself?


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