Today I have no motivation to write anything of value.

Some revolting virus has hit the house and energy levels have plummeted.

My reading pile and washing pile are building up.

Whatever bug this one is it’s making its way through this house and our school at a superior rate. I’m blessed in that I can do essentials at home.

My kids are passed the crying, snotty toddler stage and we can all just rest quietly at home.

I used to get really stressed and anxious about not ticking boxes, about the jobs piling up and the things I wasn’t doing.

Now, I try to accept what is. I try and listen to my body, I listen to what my children need. I try and be present. I don’t apologise. I say no without the guilt.

I consciously try and step away, I try not to listen to those who glorify busy and soldiering on, who believe that even when they are sick, somehow they are too important  to stop, but not important enough to care for themselves.

I try and stay present. I listen to my body. I make time for me and for recovery.

I still hear those voices, I just chose not to listen. And I accept each day. Whatever it brings.

Make time for what matters.


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