I know I am doing much better.

I know I am recovering and feel like me again after some really tough years.

How do I know?

I laugh.

I’ve found my mouth, my sense of humour.

I am not anxious and afraid, I’m not worrying constantly.

It’s taken time. It’s taken hard work. The price I’ve paid for this life has been high, it’s cost me. But, that’s because it was all so worth it!

I haven’t had the support network I needed, the people I thought would be there weren’t. The network I had around me before I made the decision to leave my old life were not there in my new life.

I had to build new networks. I had very little support.

The system did me no favours.

The first professional I had to coach me made phone calls in my session, emailed her insurance agent and sent my session notes to another client with a similar name.

But, here I am. Still here.

It feels amazing. It’s been a long time since I have felt so happy, so okay with everything. So calm and so satisfied.

I am really proud of us. Of this little family. Because it has not been an easy road for any of us. Love this life!

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