I am a mum of teens.

I love adventure. I love life. I love people. Laughter. Music.

I encourage independence and adventure seeking spirit in my kids.

As I write, I reflect on a bomb, at a concert filled with teens.

No one should not come home from a concert. Ever.

No parent should stand outside a stadium waiting for their child, for them not to come home.

My heart breaks for these people. I can’t imagine the fear and the pain.

Hatred and bombs do not bring peace.

Wars won’t stop the bombs and the terror.

People demonstrating kindness and love for strangers, offering refuge, a safe place, a ride home, a hand up, a smile. Stick together people. Love each other. Take care of one another.

I pray for Manchester. I pray for all our futures and I pray for peace.

I pray for tolerance and love.

I pray for strength for families who lost loved ones. Children, parents.

This world is still a beautiful place, filled with wonderful people. I believe in peace. Love. Adventures. Choose to see the good in the world.

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