“When you make a mistake there are only three things to do about it: admit it, learn from it and three, don’t repeat it.” ~ Bear Bryant.

I’ve been struggling with one of my children lately.

He hates to admit he’s made a mistake.

He’d rather tell a story, avoid this situation, yell about how it could not have possibly been him; despite really clear evidence to the contrary.

His self-worth is caught up in being right. With not making mistakes.

This is a challenge and one that we will work on as he grows and matures.

Learning that it is okay to make mistakes, that your worth is not part of that, and that we all make mistakes is part of this life and this path of self discovery.

Learning not to repeat mistakes and reflecting on what when wrong takes some degree of maturity.


We learn a lot when we reflect, correct and move on. And until we do those things we repeat the mistakes.

Opportunity for learning comes in making mistakes!

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