“Take sips of this wine being poured. Don’t mind that you’ve been given a dirty cup.” ~ Rumi.

Sometimes we are so stuck in the habit of looking at negatives we miss the wonderful things.

We get caught up looking at disaster, and miss seeing the wonderful rescue teams. And in getting caught up in the bad, we overlook the good. We start to believe the world is a bad and dangerous place.

The media likes to show us the bad news. Bad news sells. They forget to tell us about the wonderful things that happen in our world. The miracles. The simple things. The kindness of strangers. The good people.

And sometimes we over generalize. The world seems to have gone mad.

But, really it’s not. The wonder is all still there.

Take some time out today and look for it.

Find the good in people. Take a walk in nature and look for the beauty.

Laugh with children.

Don’t focus on the dirty cup.

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