Start the Conversation. Ask the Question.

People are not always comfortable in saying they are not okay.

They may need an ear, a hug, a cuppa and some company, but not feel up to asking.

People are frequently embarrassed, ashamed and uncomfortable sharing something that is bothering them.


Start the conversation.

Ask again.

Because sometimes “I’m fine” doesn’t mean I’m fine.

Sometimes “I’m fine” is an automatic response.

We don’t know what is going on behind closed doors. What people are hiding from even their closest friends.

We don’t know what others are dealing with, witness to, what they are trying to  manage or trying to escape from.

We often say speak out, my door is open, call in, how often do we see those Facebook posts? But when someone is really not okay, they may not be strong enough to reach out.

Stick out your hand, send a message, pop over to check on people.


Ask the question. Start the conversation.

Sometimes a smiling face is no indication of what is really going on.

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