Changing Your Mind

“I wish to say what I think and feel today, with the proviso that tomorrow I shall contradict it all.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson.

There is not much point in being so set in your ways, ideas and habits that you never change.

There is not much point in having ideas if you don’t examine them critically.

There is not much point in doing things the way they’ve always been done because that’s the way it’s done.

We’ve got to be able to change our minds.

We’ve got to be brave enough to examine our thoughts, ideas, beliefs and if we find something we like better somewhere else, to adopt that new way.

You don’t have to be set in stone.

It takes a wise person to change their mind, a brave person to admit there is a better way or that they have made a mistake.

It’s okay to be critical of self – it’s not okay to bash on self.

It’s great to find a new and better way. Something more effective, more efficient.

Progress. Growth. The way forward.

Be critical. Look for better ways. Look for ways to improve even the things that are working well.

Ask yourself is this the BEST way? How can I make this better?

Don’t get hung up on the need to be right.

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