How do you feel about changing schools if your child is unhappy?

How long should we persevere?

I recently allowed one of my children to change schools. She had struggled for several years.

She was unhappy. She felt there was a lot of division, political stuff, who could sit where, who could speak to who. It was important to be in the right group. To be seen with the right people.

She didn’t fit.

Without a doubt I have done the right thing.

She is back! Happy, laughing, the spark is back in her eye.

But, was that the easy road? Should I have made her stick it out?

I don’t think so.

She had tried. For a long time. This wasn’t a choice made on a whim.

She made the attempt, worked at it and when it wasn’t working we took action.

Do you struggle with school issues?

Sometimes as adults we find ourselves in a place at work or in a community where we don’t fit. With people who are not our tribe. With whom we have nothing in common, and this is not always easy.

People with different values, goals and focus. How do you stay grounded and focused when you are surrounded by people moving in a different direction to you?

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