Stop Faking It! It’s okay…

Stop faking happy.

Stop telling people you are happy when you’re not.

Stop putting smiling selfies on your social media posts when you are falling apart inside.

Stop pretending it’s all okay, when it’s not.

Stop putting up ‘life is grand’ posts, when inside you are thinking the opposite.

Stop smiling through the pain and telling friends you’re fine.

Let people know that you’re not doing okay. That things are tough, and that you need a hand. It’s not tough, or brave. It’s okay to say.

It will be okay, but it might not be now.

One day at a time. Please, let’s get real.

Stop pretending it’s all perfect, that you’re happy if you’re not. If it’s chaos, it’s still okay. It’s not a competition.

It’s okay not to feel okay today. It’s okay to say. Because it’s not who you are.

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