Stay Classy

I’ve seen some really ugly stuff from humans lately.

We can be so unkind to one another.

I’m all for having opinions. I have loads. And I share them. Frequently.

However, if someone disagrees with me I don’t believe I have the right to attack them personally, insult or abuse them. Play the ball, not the man.

I do not have a right to be rude.

You have the right to disagree. But you never have the right to disregard, disrespect or dehumanise, minimise or insult someone simply because they don’t agree with you.

Throwing insults around and lowering one’s self to name calling and degradation when you really know very little about a person is pretty ugly behaviour.

It certainly speaks more about the attacker than the person being attacked.

If someone has something revolting and negative to say about another, ask yourself why.

What is the motive?

Is it likely to be truth? Even if it is the truth, is it relevant? Did you need that information?

Keep it classy.

Surely, we are all better than that? Aren’t we?

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