When someone’s toxicity or negativity is getting in your head; sometimes the best thing you can do is draw really clear boundaries surrounding contact.

Minimise the time you spend with that person.

Don’t answer their calls.

Don’t reply to their texts, emails or messages.

If you have to contact this person, set a time of the day to do it, set a time limit, don’t engage or open dialogue. Just send the information. Keep to the facts. Stay professional. No emotion. Stay polite.

I hear clients say to me “You can’t just cut people off.” Yes. Yes you can.

If you have done your best, and someone is still a negative impact on your life you can cut them off. Don’t waste time and energy. It’s a choice. It’s not easy. But yes, you can cut people off.

It works a treat. Negativity and toxicity are contagious and they will hold you back.

Move away. Move on. Place your energy somewhere more productive.

Draw clear boundaries.

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