Don’t pole vault over mouse turds.

“Don’t pole vault over mouse turds.” ~ Dyer.

Sometimes there is temptation to overreact.

When something that is really insignificant, yet is thrown up as a drama filled incident in your life, there is temptation to throw your hands in the air, shout and react.

But, will that help?

It doesn’t.  Why the need to vent?

The drama, attention, energy that is drawn to small and insignificant matters distracts you from what you need to be working on.

And sometimes in your life, there are people in your life who love this kind of thing!

Who feed on creating issues where none exist. They are excited by the drama and they thrive on leaping from on drama filled incident to the next, playing up the drama, building intensity levels, anticipating the next drama filled event.

Stop.  Consider if this current drama requires you attention. Do you have spare time and energy to devote to that?

Or should you keep working on your focus?

Sometimes we have to step over the turds and keep working. Staying on track towards our goals and not waste precious time and energy on things that are just not priorities right now.

Some people thrive on drama, attention, conflict and rubbish. They want you to get caught up in that too. But, is it important? Or is it just energy burning from someone with very little to do.

Focus on your purpose. Your goals. What matters in your life. And ignore those mouse turds. They really don’t matter.

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