What do you see as your role as a parent?

I see it as my role to prepare my children for the world, to raise good adults, to teach them as many independent skills as I can. To build resilience.

I try to establish good communication skills, good relationship skills and I try to provide a peaceful, productive environment for growth, learning and rest.

It is up to me to ensure our home functions in a way that provides for us all.

We need a peaceful place, where each of us can take down time and relax.

It is my job to hear, and be willing to hear what each and every member of this family thinks and feels. What do they need?

It is my job to make sure they all feel heard, valued, that they are all prepared to speak and to listen.

It is my job to ensure everyone is able to work on their goals, get some rest, relax, work and play in an environment that is supportive, and flexible enough to allow growth.

It’s not always easy, especially in complex family arrangements.

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