Pet hate – CAN’T

My pet hate is limits. Placing limits on yourself or on others.

This is a tricky one for me.

Growing up, my mum, for her own reasons, had little belief in her ability. Can’t was her favourite word.

I’d say to her, “Don’t say can’t mum. You can.” And she’d tell me she couldn’t, that she knew her own limits and was realistic.

For a long time those messages stayed with me.

Then, I met someone who told me there are no limits. Explained that limits are self-imposed. They are perceptions we have about ourselves. They are not real.

So, don’t tell others what they can or can’t do. What they are good at, what they are not.

And don’t tell yourself you can’t.

No limits. No excuses.

You can.

Believe in yourself.

Make it happen.

And for parents; the way you feel about yourself, impacts your kids. If you can’t, how can they?

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