Please – give what it is you need

I recently had the experience of sharing a space with someone who is dealing with some hurdles in their life.

Instead of drawing on resources, skills and resilience this person was constantly nit picking, whining at and attacking their partner.

Lots of it was passive aggressive.

This person was obviously hurting, but instead of reaching out with love they were attacking others, perhaps in an attempt to protect themselves.

Meanwhile, I wondered how their partner felt.  Surely, they too were hurting?

If you need love and support, say so. Be loving. Be supportive. Be affectionate.

We get more of what we give.

If you need love, hugs and kindness, some support and assistance you need to BE those things for others. It is hard to open up. But, take a risk!

Being loving, supportive and kind makes you more approachable, and makes it much easier to love you!

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