We are hearing a lot about bullying and the consequences of bullying at the moment.

Think before you speak.

Cutting someone down, being mean, cruel or what you think is funny can be detrimental to someone having a hard time.

If you have a social media profile in a fake name; delete it now. Or put your name to it.

Show some integrity.

If you have nothing kind to say, close your mouth. There is no need to speak if you have nothing of value to say.

Inspire others, lift people up. Be kind. Or be quiet.

Question your values; if you find your self worth increases when you are making others feel bad, what does that say about you as a human? Are you really superior?

Bullying will catch up with you.

If you see something, speak up.  It is up to all of us.

Enough is enough. Let’s change the world.

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