Use your voice

If you don’t like it speak up. If you know it is unfair, unjust, wrong or just shouldn’t be happening, say so.

Staying quiet allows for this culture of dishonesty, bullying, rorting, sexual harassment or whatever it is to continue. Staying quiet provides acceptance and approval.

If you know someone is being harassed or is in an unsafe situation, say something.

Your silence is approval.

This is how cultures reproduce, it becomes okay, it becomes the norm. Becomes standard, it destroys homes, families, businesses and communities. It’s standard to turn a blind eye.

Examine your values. Examine the reasons you don’t speak up.

Stand up for whatever it is you believe in.

Speak up for those who cannot speak up for themselves, if you know something is wrong have the courage to challenge it. And if someone you know is brave enough to speak up, back them up.

Stand up. Speak out. Even if you have to stand alone.

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