Stop waiting for others to fix things

Stop waiting for someone else to fix it. Stop waiting for others to do something about the way the world is.

I see posts all the time about how things are terrible in our world.

It’s not the way I see it, but if you think things are so bad perhaps you should take action? Sharing a post on Facebook isn’t going to change anything.

Educate yourself, examine the issues on a deeper level and take some action.

Stop expecting someone or something to change it for you.  Take responsibility.

What can you do today to resolve these issues?

Is it really that bad? Or are we just used to complaining?

We complain about Australia today, but are we remembering the days past with rose coloured glasses?

Do you really think a whole generation is rude and disrespectful?  All of them?

Surely, some things have improved in the last fifty years?

Yes, we’ve still got a long way to go.

Take action to change those things that you have the power to change.

Do what you can to help others. To contribute. Take action.

And take a look around for the good things in this world.

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