I’ve been seeing a meme pop up in my social media feeds recently about Eeyore and his friends; he’s so miserable, sad and melancholy, and how loved he is by his friends.

I’ve noticed people making comments about how they wished they had a friend like Pooh, kind and loving, understanding, despite the misery.

My perspective on this is Eeyore’s friends stick by him because, no matter how bad a day he is having he never, ever takes it out on his friends.

Eeyore, even on his worst day, when he is really struggling, doing it really tough, is not mean or angry and hurtful in his sadness.

He understands enough about himself and his illness, and knows that hurting those who love him best won’t help.

There is a difference between sad and depressive and mean.

Eeyore doesn’t abuse Pooh, he doesn’t lash out at Kanga, he doesn’t slam doors or swear at Tigger. He doesn’t kick Rabbit. His day really sucks, he is really doing it tough, but he won’t hurt his friends.

Love each other well. Even when we aren’t very lovable. No excuses. Friends and loved ones are there to help you, but please try and allow that to happen. Illness is not an excuse for abuse.

If you are a loved one, please don’t enable. Please draw clear boundaries about love and respect.

Reach out to one another. Support and love, but don’t make excuses for abuse.

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The Rules

There is no one set of rules that show us how to live life correctly.

Each one of us is different.

There is no correct length of time to grieve the loss of a loved one.

There is no right way to parent kids.

There is no right way that fits us all.

You don’t get a vote in other people’s lives.

Focus on being the best human you can be.

Live life by your rules.

Be coachable, have an open mind, be prepared to change. Be understanding and accepting of diversity.

It’s all going to work out okay.

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Too Busy

Ever been so busy, your schedule so full, your diary bursting with the items on your to do list, so busy that you no longer know where to start?

Ever been so exhausted, emotional and still putting in long hours and feeling like you are getting no where? That this list is just getting longer?

Feeling like you can’t rest, can’t take time out, everything is urgent, everything is an emergency and you are running from one crisis to the next.

Are you people pleasing? Are you really prioritising?

You must prioritise self.

At some point we must decide what is really important, what is just drama and can wait.

We must take care of ourselves.

We must learn to be effective. Not just busy.

Time management is key. Delegating is helpful. Learning to step back, take the emotion out of a situation helps.

Drop the guilt. Drop the drama. Prioritise.

You are not the only one who can do these items!

Rest. Find yourself a moment of peace. Get effective. Do what really works.

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“You may not know your great grandmother’s story, but make sure your great granddaughter knows yours.” ~ Alana Johnson.

Lead well. Empower other women. Be strong. Be fair. Fight the good fight.

Leave your daughters with a story to tell.

Be the most amazing woman you can be.

Be an example. Raise good humans.

Be you.

Whatever kind of woman you are, whatever it is you do, do it well.

What do you want your story to say?

Remember, it is all up to you!

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I’m Back!


You may, or may not have noticed I had taken a break from blogging.

Life got in the way!

I had a few family matters that I needed to take care of, and the juggle was too great. I decided to cull the blog from the priorities list to free up time in my diary.

Everything seems back on track now, (touch wood!) and I look forward to sharing more with you in the upcoming weeks!

Peace, love and kindness.


If you’ve got time to whine, you’ve got time to fix it.

I see so much resistance to change sometimes.

Change is opportunity. But, it usually requires investment.

I understand concerns. I understand resistance. But I don’t understand the whining.

If you have time to fault find and complain; you have time to find an alternative.

Stop with the problem finding and the negativity. Take a great big breath and work on a solution.

What can we do to make this better?

If this won’t work, what will?

What is a better idea?

Don’t pick things apart; let’s find a better way.

Let’s not condemn and say that won’t work. Let’s find a way to make it happen.

It can be done! It takes the right kind of people, with the right attitudes. Let’s get it done!

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Have you ever kept a dream journal?

What do you dream about?

Do you remember your dreams after you wake?

I’ve been trying to keep a dream journal as part of my studies.

So far, I’ve not contributed much.

Lately I’ve had some sleepless nights, half wakeful and the dreams I have had seem to relate to what I am working on when I am awake!

I don’t very often have sleep issues. I’m usually a great sleeper.

Do you rest well? Do you sleep?

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Or do you need to work on that?



She was so angry. She wasn’t even sure why.

The whole world. They way things should be. The way they weren’t.

Her life. Them. Her disappointments. The stupidity of it all.

She was unhappy. She would never be enough.

And so she yelled, and snapped and she sniped.

She was rude and unkind.

She was hateful. She was punishing. She’d show them. And so she withheld her love.

And she blamed the world.

She used her misery as an excuse to be mean and nasty and unkind.

And nothing changed.

And they all lived unhappily ever after.

Nothing changes until YOU decide that you don’t want that life anymore. Then, we can change EVERYTHING.

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You Get to Choose

“There is just one life for each of us: our own.” ~ Euripides.

You get to decide how your story goes.

Don’t like something? Don’t do it. Don’t think X should happen in public? Don’t.

What about exercise? It’s up to you.

It’s your life. You get to decide.

How cool is that?!

But the thing is, others get to decide too. And you don’t get to rubbish their choices.

You get to pick your lifestyle, religion, habits, clothes, everything! But, so do they.



Imagine that!

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How Amazing is our World?

“Sell your cleverness and purchase bewilderment.” ~ Rumi.

The world is an amazing place.

The colours in nature. The sky. The trees and the grass. Animals, birds. Our water. The oceans.

People. Each and every one of us.

Every week I find the need to step back. To get away from the chatter, drama and constant noise. I take a step back, away from busy, away from any negativity and take time to see the wonder and beauty in the world.

To feel the earth under my feet. To listen to the birds and to look at the sky.

Not everyone has this blessing.

If you can, take a walk outside today and find something to marvel at. A flower, a tree, anything. Find some beauty.

Fresh air. Sunshine. Snow.

Take a breath, look about and calm yourself.

The simple things. The beauty in the frost.

The wonder in a dew drop.
We are such a small part of something so much bigger.

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