It’s Friday. After a really long week. Long hours, lots on.

And I am ready for a break.

But, it’s not happening yet. We have a project on that will require all weekend.

But, the end is insight.

So, it’s heads down, doing what needs to be done until.

I’m aware that I am starting to get tired and testy, so I need to be conscious of my words and keep my eye on the prize!

I have my break planned and I’ve scheduled posts and work to suit.  Not far now!

Have a great weekend people!

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Sometimes it is best to accept feelings rather than fight, resist and try to change things.

There are somethings in life we cannot change.

No  matter how hard we try.

We can sometimes spend so much time and energy dealing with a negative situation that we lose sight of the goals we have set, we lose traction on our path.

We can spend so much time and energy resisting that we stop making progress toward what we really want in life.

Be prepared to accept what is and move on.

Let it be.

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“The care of every man’s soul belongs to himself. But what if he neglects it? Well, what if he neglects the care of his health or estate…will the magistrate make a law that he shall not be poor or sick? Laws provide against injury from others; but not from ourselves. God himself will not save men against their wills.” ~ Thomas Jefferson.

We are all responsible for our own lives.

We for our own circumstances.

For our own choices.

If someone tries to help you, accept that help.

Jump at the opportunity. It’s never too late to take a different path.

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Celebrating small achievements – reaching budget targets

We recently moved into a property which belongs to us, but that which we hadn’t lived in before.

There was no dishwasher. So, we budgeted and saved and yesterday was the day.  Dishwasher arrived and is waiting to be installed.

It’s important for me to budget, plan, save and then reward and celebrate these things. We could have rushed out and grabbed one right away, but the lesson and learning is in the sacrifice.

The whole family learns about pitching in to do the extra hand washing, learns about putting small amounts of money aside to reach a savings goal and then, we can all celebrate this small achievement.

Do you discuss budgets as a family? Do you demonstrate the importance of waiting rather than instant gratification and spending money that isn’t there?

What are your thoughts around money management and children? How and what should we teach? Should we set budget targets and then celebrate those achievements when they are reached? Or do you think it’s for the adults in the home to discuss?

What about with staff?

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Take some time to disconnect this week.

Turn off your phone. Get off social media. Talk to people around you.

Be okay with silent. Get outside.

Relax. Listen.

Look around.

Even if it is just for a little while.

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I’ve been wondering lately if our young girls and young women are feeling too much pressure.

The whole feminist movement has done so much for us, opened so many doors.

And we tell girls how lucky they are.

But, do they carry the weight of our expectations, to be more, do more, to know what they want, to make the most of these opportunities, to take the chances we didn’t have?

So many more opportunities for women today. However, the majority of housework and childcare still falls on women. There is still a pay gap. There is still sexual harassment, violence. Equality is still an illusion. It’s a word. An ideal. But it’s not reality.

Are we setting girls up for disappointment? Are we expecting too much?

Do they feel the pressure to seize these opportunities, be grateful for the changes and make the most of it? With these changes, our expectations have certainly changed. Do we expect too much?

Or do they feel blessed and grateful?

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Rebuild this world

There has been a lot of talk recently regarding bullying, unkindness and harsh things said and done.

Our world needs to be rebuilt, with kindness and more love. This seems like an enormous task.

What can one person do?

Start small. Be helpful. Be supportive of others. Pick up rubbish. Plant a tree. Grow a veggie garden. Be kind. Speak well of others. Stand up for others. Sit with someone who is sitting alone. Be friendly. Smile.

If each of us contributes everyday, we can rebuild this world.

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What’s your excuse?

What’s your excuse?

Too busy? Too tired? Too old? Too fat? Too inexperienced?


Time to stop making excuses! Start getting out there and making it happen!

Your brain can and will talk you out of ANYTHING, if you let it.

Let’s build strong support teams around us.

Let’s find ourselves a cheer squad, let’s get out and make this happen!

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What are your habits?

Let’s examine one. Pick one. Think about that habit for a moment.

Is it positively impacting your life?

Or is it something you’d rather change?

Does it help you meet goals?

Habits can be changed.

What would you like to change in your life?

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In my life at the moment I am having some difficulty remembering not to take other’s moods to heart.  It can be hard not to be hurt and not to take things personally.

I have a very mood teen boy at the moment. He’s suddenly gone from my happy, cuddly, funny boy to a moody, sullen, grump.

And it’s not easy.

He finds things extra difficult, because he spends time in two homes.  And there are some contrasts between the two that make his adjustment more difficult.

So, we do our best and try not to be reactive to his moods. We make decisions in his best interests and explain and discuss options with him.

We try and understand that being a teen is difficult too. And we make sure he knows he can talk to us.

Parent teacher interviews are this week…it could be interesting!

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