Be a Cheerleader!

The world is full of critics.

Be an encourager. Support others. Cheer them on. Love them. Lift them up.

You have no idea what their story is. What they have seen, experienced or had to do to get where they are today.


Don’t be critical. Don’t judge. Don’t tear others down.

Be a cheerleader!

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Changing Your Mind

“I wish to say what I think and feel today, with the proviso that tomorrow I shall contradict it all.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson.

There is not much point in being so set in your ways, ideas and habits that you never change.

There is not much point in having ideas if you don’t examine them critically.

There is not much point in doing things the way they’ve always been done because that’s the way it’s done.

We’ve got to be able to change our minds.

We’ve got to be brave enough to examine our thoughts, ideas, beliefs and if we find something we like better somewhere else, to adopt that new way.

You don’t have to be set in stone.

It takes a wise person to change their mind, a brave person to admit there is a better way or that they have made a mistake.

It’s okay to be critical of self – it’s not okay to bash on self.

It’s great to find a new and better way. Something more effective, more efficient.

Progress. Growth. The way forward.

Be critical. Look for better ways. Look for ways to improve even the things that are working well.

Ask yourself is this the BEST way? How can I make this better?

Don’t get hung up on the need to be right.

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What is it you like to hear?

Some days I don’t know what to blog about. Should I write about what is going on in real life?

Feelings and emotions?



Should I write about being in a good place?

Should I write about hiding the truth and pretending I was fine for such a long time? Should I write about covering up the truth?

Should I write about how bad it can get?

Should I write about memories?

The hard stuff?

Should I write about healing?

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Are you taking care of yourself?

We, as women in particular sometimes pretend that everything and everyone else is more important.

I used to.

Children, partners, jobs above our own needs.

I tried way too hard to fix everything for everyone else.

I complained, was unhappy and things got worse. I got angry. And then I changed it.

Are you resting? Are you exercising? Are you eating well? Are you dealing with your emotional health?

It’s NOT okay to be angry all the time. It’s not okay to be on edge, in tears or feeling out of control and exhausted everyday. It doesn’t have to be this way.

You are important.

Reach out. Get help.

Find your support network.

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Let’s not label.

Do not blame all for the acts of some.


You are not your illness, religion or occupation.

Not all whites are members of the KKK, not all Muslims are terrorists, not all men are wife beaters.

Let’s not play the hate game.

Let’s not create more division.

Let’s show love, tolerance, understanding. Let’s unite. Stand together as one.


Let’s all stand against all acts of terror, violence, rape and hate.

We are all humans. And that is enough.


Forgot. Too busy. Will get to it. Not yet.


But, you know it won’t happen.

When people keep palming you off, making excuses and letting you down it is very disheartening.

People like to know they can rely on you.

Don’t break promises and let people in your life down.

Always, always under promise and over deliver if you can.

Even the people who love you the most, who believe in you, get busted when you continually disappoint.

Don’t make others chase you up.

Take responsibility for you!


Do what you need to do. No excuses.

Not all Memories are Good

Remembering when my youngest child was about 4.

I was working both on and off farm. He was going to pre-school, tagging along with me and spending the odd day with his Grandma.

He was so funny. I wish I could’ve enjoyed him more.

It frustrated me no end. I was desperately unhappy.

I was struggling in a business that wasn’t working. In a relationship that was breaking down. A partner with views at the other extreme to my own, 3 kids, a mortgage and next to no sleep.

We never went anywhere. He asked me if the beach was real.

This little fellow had so many ideas. They bubbled out of him in an endless stream of chatter and he never stopped. Ever. He didn’t sleep at night. He was up before dawn every day and I was emotionally and physically a wreck.  I was completely burnt out.

Now, I look back at those times and feel I was so blessed to have had this amazing kid following me around, his energy, his excitement about life and his chatter were probably all that I survived on.  And I took it for granted. I didn’t appreciate it or get to see how precious it was. I was stuck, just trying to survive. Just trying to get by, trying to fix everything that was falling apart around me and I didn’t stop to enjoy him.

I remember one particular day, it was freezing cold, Northern Tablelands June day, we had wethers in wool, and one was stuck, having a moment, in a gully. So, here I am, all 50 kilograms of me, down in a gully trying to drag this wet, freezing creature out, he was bigger than me and determined to die. My ever helpful 4 year old is supervising, holding a kelpie pup at the top of the gully; he yells to me “Put him on your back Mumma!”, I almost choked laughing! Helpful advice.

How precious. And how blessed I was, in those difficult times to have a little person who kept me going. Even if I couldn’t see it then.


Exam Day

How do you feel on exam day?

I was feeling cool, calm and collected. In control.

I did the preparation. My head was in the right place.

I knew the material.

I was careful not to overload myself with pressure and I made sure I was well supported, and I am doing what I love.

It’s not always been that simple.

I’ve bailed out at exam time.

I’ve burnt out.

I’ve set myself up for failure and not believed in myself.

I’ve quit before I even tried.

But, not anymore. I’ve made decisions and created habits that work. I’ve done the work on self. The emotions, perceptions and beliefs and I work at it every single day.

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Start the Conversation. Ask the Question.

People are not always comfortable in saying they are not okay.

They may need an ear, a hug, a cuppa and some company, but not feel up to asking.

People are frequently embarrassed, ashamed and uncomfortable sharing something that is bothering them.


Start the conversation.

Ask again.

Because sometimes “I’m fine” doesn’t mean I’m fine.

Sometimes “I’m fine” is an automatic response.

We don’t know what is going on behind closed doors. What people are hiding from even their closest friends.

We don’t know what others are dealing with, witness to, what they are trying to  manage or trying to escape from.

We often say speak out, my door is open, call in, how often do we see those Facebook posts? But when someone is really not okay, they may not be strong enough to reach out.

Stick out your hand, send a message, pop over to check on people.


Ask the question. Start the conversation.

Sometimes a smiling face is no indication of what is really going on.

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“Take sips of this wine being poured. Don’t mind that you’ve been given a dirty cup.” ~ Rumi.

Sometimes we are so stuck in the habit of looking at negatives we miss the wonderful things.

We get caught up looking at disaster, and miss seeing the wonderful rescue teams. And in getting caught up in the bad, we overlook the good. We start to believe the world is a bad and dangerous place.

The media likes to show us the bad news. Bad news sells. They forget to tell us about the wonderful things that happen in our world. The miracles. The simple things. The kindness of strangers. The good people.

And sometimes we over generalize. The world seems to have gone mad.

But, really it’s not. The wonder is all still there.

Take some time out today and look for it.

Find the good in people. Take a walk in nature and look for the beauty.

Laugh with children.

Don’t focus on the dirty cup.

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